Families Regulating Authority Under Duress

Exposing the fraud and abuses of the Child Protection System

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Our Mission

           At Families Regulating Authority Under Duress (F.R.A.U.D.) our mission is as straight forward as our values. We believe that while there are families that require assistance to sustain themselves in a safe and nurturing environment, we believe that these cases are few and far between. Since the creation of the Child Protective Service and the Department of Children and Families the local and state governments have had a steady flow of federal grant money rolling in every year. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, "The road to hell was paved with good intentions", and the intentions might have been pure at the conception of these agencies, but as the children in foster homes decreased over the years local and state governments have been forced to replenish their precious resource or face loosing the grant money they have come to depend on.

           Our First charge is to spread the knowledge required to adequately defend your family from the proverbial wolves at the door. You have heard all the way through your time in educational institutions that “Knowledge is power”. We here at F.R.A.U.D. agree completely, and wish to provide the necessary resources to not only understand the domestic enemy that we are facing, but to also provide an overwhelming amount of resources in the form of a support network and infrastructure that rivals that of any state's various departments.

           Our Second charge is to assist in finding services for those families that are the exception to the rule.

           Our Third charge is to assist to the best of our ability regardless of sex, creed, nationality, race, walk of life, etc.

           Our Fourth charge is to assist families to the best of our ability in recovering any debt owed. These agencies have been found wanting evidence so much that they have previously been found guilty of fabricating evidence, disregarding their own departmental policies and procedures, ignoring laws and statutes, and grossly violating state and federal constitutions.

           Our Fifth and final charge is that we will not be ignored, we will not go quietly into the night, and we have not forgotten the principles and values on which this country was founded. We are fully aware of just what authority they are bestowed, because it is our authority to bestow. These governments, administrations, corporations, and agencies have abused the power that they were given for the pursuit of the almighty dollar, and it's time we rectify the situation. It's time we honor our duty as American citizens, and start defending what are our most cherished beliefs. The government exists to serve the citizens, the citizens do not exist to serve the government.

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